Let’s twist: chocolate biscuits with hazelnut splinters

Quand on arrive en ville – Fhin


As my wish to start writing again, I’m posting here a little recipe. Well, not really, this post is part of the “Let’s twist” category. What is this category? I don’t always make new recipes, I (often) do old ones that I like to twist a little by changing only one or two thing(s). I am not going to copy the original recipe I used here but I’m going to give you the link and tell you the change(s) I’ve made.

You can find the original recipe here and here’s the twist:

  • Add 50g of milk chocolat with whole hazelnuts (I used this one). Cut your squares of chocolate in chunks; to do so I simply cut them in 9. Add them to you dough just before balling it. Mix well so you’ll have pieces everywhere and ball it.

So easy, right? In fact, you can use any crunchy chocolate: chocolate with caramel, white chocolate, crunch type chocolate, but also with nuts, coconut…

So, what do you think? Do you have any ideas to twist these chocolate biscuits? I’m ready to try!

Des bisous




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