CRUSH #11 music + love = joy

Passenger – Riding to New York

Salut, salut

I haven’t written here for so long that I’ve been looking at this white screen for at least 10mn, wondering what to write. I feel like I’m writing my first post ever, so please be very kind to me ahah. There is so much I want to show you and I didn’t know where to start: food or walks? And then came June 14th.

On June 14th we went a concert for the Festival of Voice in Cardiff, it is a very nice festival with music from everywhere (a Corse band was there!) and tickets are not very expensive so when I saw that Mike, best known as Passenger will be singing there I didn’t hesitate, barely ask to le Barbu and got two tickets. I was so happy, it was one of my dream to see him in concert and boum, I had tickets. I liked him a lot, now I’m crazy about him (not excessive at all). But wait because my crush is not only about Mike, no, it is also about his support: Stu Larsen.

In 2012, everybody heard Passenger‘s song “Let her go” and maaaaaybe too much at that time but it will be a shame to stop at this song, especially when there are gold nuggets in the same album, the guy knows how to write beautiful songs.

Isn’t it true and beautiful? There are a lot of songs and I had to make choices but you should really listen to him.

What about this voice? He’s from Brighton and it’s super cool. Le Barbu took me to Brighton for my birthday so I have a little thing with Brighton, I’ll write about it.

Okay, songs as great as his voice, he writes and passes emotions but why an article on the concert? Because honestly, it was my favourite concert! Ever! As I told you, I went there loving the artist and on stage he is so energetic, he put the Millenium Centre on fire. One could think that his concerts are boring because it’s folk music (hello clichés! why do people think folk is boring?) but no, he is brilliant. Alone, 95% of the time, with his guitar, I’ve never seen a man so electrifying. He shares so much energy, hits the stage with his foot and the venue vibrates. And he is funny.

Voilà voilà…

Now, let’s talk about his support: Stu Larsen. When he arrived on stage, I immediately got into it; I loved his look, his walk, his voice. And he is Australian. Let me tell you something: I cried 30mn after he started singing. Yes, I did, I don’t feel ashamed but I wasn’t expecting it. Here is the video of the song which made me cry, filmed by a cute little girl. Of course.

And, because one is never enough, here’s a little love song.

I really like his songs, they resonate. I like the album version but I prefer the concert version, they are more powerful. I am so happy I got to see him.

Mike and Stu sang together and it was wonderful. I can’t stop listening to them, re-listening to them takes me back to the concert and makes me feel so good! My little heart goes boumboum. I had a great time, le Barbu too, their voices are powerful and with only their guitar (and Scottish apple juice for one of them, his harmonica for the other) they do an incredible job. I promise you, it really was perfect and I recommend you to go to one of their concert. They talk, they are funny, talented and being at the 4th row I can tell you, they are quite good-looking.

Hey, what about you? Did you know them? Do you have any other singers like them you would like to share?

Let’s meet here soon, des bisous




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