A vegetable velouté

Cough Syrup – Young the Giant

Bonjour, bonjour,

I am finally back on the blog, after more than a month without any appearance here. I had a pretty lovely February, busy but it explains why it was so lovely; if you follow me on Instagram, you saw that we visited nice places and we had snow in Cardiff, yay!! Apparently, it was the first in 30 years, crazy, right? The country was completely frozen, nothing in supermarkets… Quite funny to witness when you are not used to it. Anyway, at the beginning of February I thought that posting a velouté recipe was too late; sun was shining, temperature was up up up and… BOOM I am looking at the window right now and the only thing I can say is: nope, we still have time for warm velouté and soup.

So, here it is, my little velouté. Pour it in a pretty bowl, cover yourself with a woolen plaid, watch a good film… And this will make you love low degrees.

Pour 2, as a main. Butter, 1 onion, 3 leeks, 3 potatoes, 3 carrots, creme fraiche, salt and pepper.

I use a cast-iron casserole dish but if you don’t have one use a casserole with thick edges or you can buy one, if it is a good one it will last forever. I have this Sitram.

Put your casserole on a medium heat and allow a butter knob to melt in it. While it is melting, peel the onion and slice it. Take off the first leaves on your leeks and slice them, wash them. Add these vegetables in the casserole and allow them to cook until melted.

While it is melting, peel your potatoes and carrots, slice them, wash them and add them to the casserole. Pour enough water to cover the vegetables and allow to cook for 20mn; when the carrots are cooked, it is done.

Mix the vegetables along with the water if there is still water and add creme fraiche, as much as you want, depending on what you like (nobody’s judging), mix again, season with salt and pepper, herbs if you want.

Et voilà, you now have a warm velouté. We like to eat this velouté on Sunday’s night with croutons and it is a very comforting way to end the week and prepare for the next one. You can find other velouté or soup on this blog: leeks and potatoes cream soup, bacon and potatoes soup, a Cawl, but also on my French blog: carrot and orange soup, wintery vegetables soup.

Des bisous


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