Voilà 2018

Telling It Wrong – Charlie Cunningham

Hey, coucou

I hope you’re all alright, it’s been a long time! More than a month actually… January seems to be endless but I couldn’t find any time to write here; I can see that you are still coming so I wanted to start this post with a simple but large thank you.

So, we are 31/01 which means that even if I am very late, I still have 2 hours to wish you a happy new year! Well, I had to do it before February! Here’s what I wish you: love, friendship, luck, happiness, smiles, laughters, tears of joy, sweetness, tenderness, gourmandise,… and everything you need to be happy.

I really don’t know what 2018 is going to get us, we still don’t know where we will be in September… Will we stay in Wales? Will we move to France? Le Barbu has a great job here, mine are very cool and I’m learning so much about being a teacher here… But things can be complicated, the city we used to live in in France is now the 2nd more expensive, I will need to pass a huge test to enter the master and on the other side there’s Brexit. 2018 promises to be surprising :)

I’ve started cooking again, we went for some amazing walks (teaser with the post’s photo) and all those things are waiting very nicely to be published here so if you allow me to do so, the blog will slowly start again.

You can still follow me on Instagram where I’ve been posting photos and stories. I’ll leave you with my new gold nugget, the marvelous voice of Charlie Cunningham.

See you soon, des bisous.

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