Bacon turkey and its pretty vegetables

White Christmas – The Drifters


After the bûche yesterday (Lemon and mascarpone Yule log) we’re still in a Christmas spirit today with a new recipe perfect for the feast (even if you can eat it any day of the year, of course). Last year was my first bird on my own e-ver so I decided to make something yummy but quite simple, I didn’t wanted to be overworked and we had to go to Bristol airport to pick up my family so approximately 2 hours out of the house and Jamie Oliver’s recipe had the perfect timing. Great! I’m telling you, if I succeed in cooking this bird, everyone can do it, I’m really not a person who likes to touch meat but I found it easy to make.

Serve 6. A turkey (preferably a higher welfare one), 2 onions, 4 carrots, 4 leeks, 5 potatoes, 1/2 garlic, giblets for their flavors (but you’re not forced to), 1 clementine, sage, rosemary, bay leaves, 250g soft butter, salt and pepper, 12 rashers of streaky bacon.

Prep: 15mn — Cook: depends on the size of the bird, 2 to 4 hours.

You will need a big plate. Preheat your oven to 180°.

Roughly chop the veg and put them in your plate with the garlic and giblets. Zest your clementine and keep the zest for later, cut it in half. Put your sage, rosemary, bay leaves and halves clementine in the turkey. Rub the butter over the turkey; it is quite funny because your hand will be veeeeerry hydrated after that :) Salt, pepper on the bird, dust with the clementine zest and stick some leaves on it. Coat the turkey with aluminium foil or in a turkey bag. Hop, in the oven.

The cooking of the bird. A higher welfare turkey will need less time to cook because it has more intramuscular grease, it will need 25 to 30mn per kilo whereas a standard turkey will need 35 to 40mn per kilo. Anyhow, the cooking instructions will probably be written on your bird’s wrapping.

An hour before the end of the cooking, take off the aluminium foil or the bag and cover your turkey with the bacon. Hop, back in the oven, your turkey has to be golden and well cooked, if the juice is clear it’s done.

One your turkey is cooked, cover with a clean tea towel or aluminium foil and leave it alone a little. You can leave it at least 2 hours, enough time for you to welcome your guest, drink aperitifs, eat the starters… Oh and I forgot to mention that our turkey came from Thornhill Farm, Cardiff and it tasted perfect!

This year, it will only be le Barbu and I (and Eliott, the cat) for Christmas so I won’t make a turkey. I’m thinking about an Orloff joint, or a stuffed joint… If you have any idea for me, shoot :) I hope you liked the recipe, I wish you a good end of the week and stay around here because my last Christmassy recipe is coming… Little teaser on Instagram ;) Des bisous



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