Christmas tag

Thank God it’s Christmas – Queen


People who really know me, know that I’m kind of a Christmas addict, I absolutely love Christmas. I hop un and down when Christmas comes, not because of the gifts, because of the feeling. You know, the Christmas feeling; the lights and the smiles, the biscuits and the hot chocolate, the fever of finding the perfect gift, making the perfect gift… On 01/12 I bought Christmas card, it’s something that I do since we moved here, I wrote them and the day after, posted them with a little smoothing for the addressees. My brother will probably say that I am old-fashioned because I love sending cards but, I have a question, can you send little treats by email??? I don’t think so.

Anyway, Pomdepin, who knows me as a Christmassy person tagged me when she wrote the Christmas tag, what was I suppose to do? Not answer? Im-pos-si-ble!

1 – Favourite Christmas tradition?

All of them! I love making or buying gift for the people I love, wrap them, making dinner or lunch, a log or a treat, eating as a family, all seated around the table. And, I like watching the Queen’s speech here ahah

2 – Real or fake tree?

Real… I always had fake trees when I was a kid, I love my mum’s which was very bushy but I’ve always missed having a real one and since the day I’ve had my own flat, I pester le Barbu to have a real tree. I know, there is a debate about real and fake trees but I also have good points against fake ones ;) I really love the smell of a real tree when I open my door. We bought ours on Sunday, at the Christmas market where I was selling food and I liked the fact that it’s a circle of life: the man takes a tree, plants another one and so on.

3 – Favourite Christmas movie?

Home Alone, without a single doubt, I watch it e-ve-ry year! And I can’t wait to be on 18/12 because it will be on a cinema screen in Cardiff and I got tickets :) I also looooove Love Actually, The Holiday, Harry Poter, 5 Legends, Anastasia… I also discovered Disneylife here (which is not available in France!) and I watch the little Christmas movies, the other I watched one from 1952 it was so cute.

4 – Favourite Christmas song?

All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey, yep, real cliché. I also love Last Christmas de Wham and Thank God it’s Christmas by Queen. But also the album A Very She And Him Christmas de She and Him. Oh and Décembre by Roch Voisine. Roch Voisine! Josh Groban too. Cliché cliché cliché!

5 – Favourite Christmas treat?

Chocolate! I know it is not special to Christmas though, I eat it all the time but I don’t know why it is the only moment when I eat Ferrero Rocher. And the famous Kinder Advent Calendar that I don’t have for the first time in 26 years but it is on its way…

6 – Best present ever?

Im-posible to say, I can’t choose, I’m very blessed.

7 – Worst present ever?

Don’t know… I may not have kept it in my mind if it is the worst ^^

8 – Best present I’ve given?

I have absolutely no idea… Last year I bought 2 tickets for a Chelsea game to le Barbu because he’s a real Chelsea fan and he was quite happy even though we didn’t get the chance to have amazing seats but we were there and he was happy so I was happy too :)

9 – Worst present I’ve given, the real flop?

Don’t know… Do people tell you when you do it?

10 – Dream place to spend Christmas?

I could say Lapland with the man in red but I’m actually dreaming of a cottage in Snowdonia. I really fell in love with Snowdonia and with a little bit of snow maybe? Is it too much to ask? Imagine: a nice cottage in Snowdonia, near a lake, surrounded by nature and only nature…

11 – A childhood memory?

Being together, those are the real memories.

12 – Presents on the 24th or 25th?

25th of course, how could you open presents if Santa hasn’t left them? Well, you can’t.

13 – Only one word to describe Christmas?


14 – A wish for Christmas?

To be with my family! It can’t be possible this year for obvious reasons but Christmas is all about love and family for me. Waking up on the 25th, surrounding the Christmas tree and eat, eat and eat again.

May I have another wish? Having another Friendmas, it’s quite similar to Christmas with your family except that you are with people building castles out of paper cups, making strange pun on words, drinking wine, eating saucisson, eating homemade pana cotta and telling their lives without telling their lives. It is lovely too.

I’m opening the tag to anyone who wants to do it, I really enjoyed answering these questions. Beware, Christmas recipes are coming… Des bisous

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