Coffee extract

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I am so late in my posts that I decided to post two in a raw today, I am still in the middle of this mysterious time fault thing and it keeps flying around me. I can’t see things happening before they do, which cause me some problem because last Wednesday I didn’t see the pavement coming and I fell like a huge seal, I ripped my favourite jeans and had blood all over my knee. I should be careful. Anyway, just to say that whereas it is time, pavement or bird I can’t see them coming. I can see Christmas coming though…

About Christmas, I though about a little something to pimp my biscuits and/or to offer to someone: homemade coffee extract. It is delicious if you put it in your biscuits, cakes, and it is a kind though to offer to a baker. I will share my biscuits recipe later with you, for now, here’s the coffee extract recipe.

For two little flasks. 100g sugar, 70ml hot water, 15g instant coffee.

Cook: around 15mn

Put the instant coffee in a mug and stir the hot water in, make sure it is well mixed and you have a coffee!

In a saucepan large enough, add a thin layer of sugar and put it on a medium heat. When the sugar melt, dust with sugar and so on until you finish the sugar. You will have a beautifully golden caramel. You can turn the saucepan on itself if you want to mix the caramel but don’t mix with a spoon.

When you caramel is what you expect it to be, stir the coffee in, never stop stirring. Place the saucepan back on the medium heat for a moment, never stop stirring and if you do it right everything is going to be fine, you will have your coffee extract in a couple of minutes. Try not to let the saucepan for too long because otherwise the extract will harden too much and you don’t want that.

Let it cool, your coffee extract will harden while cooling.

Note: you can keep this extract in the fridge for some months, a mousse might appear but it’s normal, just take it off.

I hope you like the recipe, I really appreciate having little twists like this one in my biscuits or cakes and I find it nice to offer to someone who love to cook as well, in a homemade hamper for example. Imagine: a mug, a biscuits mix and this flask, some hot socks and a book. I would love to receive that from Santa ;)

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