Comforting tartiflette

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Hey, coucou

I told you I’ll come back with a very hot, tough yummy recipe… Do you know the tartiflette? It is a French recipe that we usually bake when the weather is quite cold and the days are short, it is a typical example of comfort food. You’re cold and you want a recipe to save you? Bake tartiflette. You want to please your guests with an easy and quick recipe? Bake tartiflette. Once you’ve done it, you’ll only want to do it again, I promise you!

Serve 4. 1,5kg of potatoes, 1 onion, a little bit of oil, 200g lardon (or diced streaky bacon), a little bit of butter, 1 good reblochon (you need this cheese to make a tartiflette), 3 tbsp creme fraiche.

Prep: 30mn max — Bake: 15mn or so

Peel the potatoes and cook them in a saucepan with room temperature water and salt. The water will boil and your potatoes will be cooked when it will be easy to run a knife through them. Let them drain.

Chop the onion and let it melt with a bit of olive oil, add the lardons and let them cook. While it is cooking, cut your potatoes with a sliver shape.

Preheat the oven to 230°.

Butter your plate. Put half of your potatoes in your plate, half of the onion – lardons, the other half of the potatoes, the other half of the onion – lardons. Spread the creme fraiche on it. Cut your reblochon on the thickness and put it on your creme fraiche, the rind on the creme fraiche. There are two ways of putting your reblochon, you can cut it on the thickness and then you’ll have two semi-cercles or you can cut it in slices. My advise is try both (it means you’ll have to do the recipe twice, that is a great excuse!) and you’ll see what you prefer, I don’t mind but le Barbu prefers the slices. Bake for 15mn or so, your cheese needs to be melted and starting to brown a little… Oulala, now the only thing is to sit around the table and eat still hot.

Well, well, well… Who wants a tartiflette? I want it sooo bad, writing the recipe made my mouth water, oulala! I can’t wait to do a tartiflette again… I hope you liked the recipe, I wish you a lovely end of the week. There will be new post on Saturday. Des bisous.



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