Minty peas and beans

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Hey, coucou

There’s a huge temporal hurricane right, I’m in the middle of a series of days without really knowing which day we are. I have my two jobs, online courses and I’m preparing for a competitive exam, I don’t really have time to understand anything about time. I took time to make traditional baguettes the other day while I usually make easy quickly baguettes (recipe in French), I also tried bretons biscuits but it was pretty much a failure, I need to find the right recipe.

But, for now, let’s talk about this minty peas and beans recipe. I absolutely loooove it! I saw it in Jamie Oliver Magazine and its smell, its minty flavour, I can’t resist! And it is super-easy. What else?

Serve 6, as a side. 300g peas, 200g runner beans, 3 little onions, 1 green pepper, 450g burrata (or mozzarella), 100ml olive oil, chiselled mint, 1 lemon, salt and pepper.

Prep: 5mn — Cook: 3mn

If you’re using peas and runner beans in a can, you just need to dry them and put them in a plate. Otherwise, blanch them in a pan with boiling water for 3mn. Dry them and put them in a plate.

Chop the onions finely along with the green pepper and add them to the plate. Sprinkle with chiselled mint (as much as you like), add the olive oil, salt and pepper. If you serve straight away, press the lemon and add its juice to the plate if not, wait until the very last moment so it won’t discolour your vegetables. Cut the burrata in large pieces and add them, with its juice, to the plate.

We really love this plate and usually eat it with lamb chops. I don’t know why but this plate is like a comfort food for me, it brings sunshine, freshness… And with the autumn coming that fast, who doesn’t need comfort food? I really do!

I hope you like this recipe, des bisous.


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