Richmond Park, closer to nature

Share With You – Nashville Cast

Hey, salut,

Today le Barbu and I will wander out of the country, in a really well-known city, by the way you can follow me on Instagram (meloubee) if you want to see all those beautiful places I always talk about and yummy things. So, we’re on our way to a city but on the blog I’m bringing you to a lovely natural place. The photos were taken on June 11th but in my head the images and feelings are still wide awake. Le Barbu had offered me tickets to see Nashville in concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London and we took advantage of the early end of it to go to a place we wanted to see with our own eyes: Richmond Park.

This green landscape is a pure beauty and only 25mn away from London! You can see some of the famous buildings from the park.

Richmond Park is a National Nature Reserve which dates back to 1627, but what is surprising is that cars can go in, only 40km/h of course but still, it is surprising to see them in. You may think it is not necessary to go to this park if you visit London because there are a lot of parks there but, there is something special here, unique. Not only the park is splendid but its inhabitants are even more splendid. Majestic, touching but impressive, used to humans but wild. Who are they?

Bambis! Yes, bambis everywhere! When you are in your car you see them, when you walk you see them, they are never really far and they are beautiful. They sleep, walk, run, play and live in liberty with some friends. They know humans are here but each of us keep its distance, each of us is respectful. Unfortunately when we were there 2 girls ran after them to take a selfie, I think it is stupid and alarming. I’m sorry but bothering wild animals just to have a selfie… no need to comment on that but on top of that it can be really dangerous; stags, deers and fawns are, as I said, wild animals in this place and I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t like to be charge at by one of them.

Please, anywhere you go, any nature reserve, any parc, please don’t run after animals, don’t chase them, if they want to see you, they will come. They are so beautiful in their environment and we are so lucky to see that that we should be respectful. Scaring them for a selfie… Think about it.

Apart from bambis you could see birds, beetles, bats, squirrels… Trees and wildflowers are splendid too, there is a lot of grass of course and we even saw a lake. Such a natural space so close from London city yet so calm, it really is marvelous. Richmond Park is 2500 acres of nature. And colours! While I’m writing this post I’m actually thinking that those photos were taken during summer and I’d like to go back there during autumn, I’ sure it is magnificent too.

Walking by we felt a little bit observed, it was time to go back home because it takes us 2h30 for London – Cardiff and as soon as the sun went down, we admired the colours and hop, in the car.

I hope you enjoyed the walk, the beauty of nature that Richmond Park is. Don’t hesitate, tell me what your thoughts are, if you’ve already been there or if you know other nature reserves. Des bisous

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