Tomatoes and aubergines tatin

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Salut salut

I posted on Wednesday a recipe to make preserved tomatoes and I gave you some ideas to highlight them and eat them so today here’s the recipe I made with them. We also had aubergine coming from the garden so I though that eating them both together would be a good idea and I was right; this recipe, unpretentious, gives us the real taste of both of them. I used to think that a tatin was a difficult thing to do but once you’ve tried you understand that in reality, in a as simple as abc and this one is simpler because you don’t have to use puff pastry, a shortcrust pastry is what you need. The only thing that can be a little boring is to cook the aubergines, so… Let’s do this, shall we?

1 shortcrust pastry, 3 aubergines and olive oil, preserved tomatoes, basil, salt and pepper.

Prep: 10mn — Cook: approx 15mn + 25mn

Clean the aubergines and slice them (approx 3mn slices). Heat a pan with olive oil and cook the aubergines, they have to be golden on both sides. Salt them.

While you’re doing this, arrange your tomatoes quarters on the bottom of a baking pan. Add the aubergines slices and press a little. Cover with the shortcrust pastry, frown the edges and put in the fridge while your oven is preheating, for 10mn to 190C.

Put your tatin-to-be in the oven for approx 25mn. Take it out of the oven and turn it on your presentation dish. Let it cool for 5mn and pour a trickle of olive on it, sprinkle with basil.

So, isn’t it simple as abc? I think it is a beautiful and tasteful way to enjoy summer veggies (from de garden, or not, as long as they’re good!). We ate it as a main with a salad, it was a nice vegetarian main and from time to time it is really nice to eat something as light as this tomatoes and aubergines tatin. I hope you like the recipe, let’s meet here soon

Des bisous



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