Let’s twist — Hot cross buns and chocolate chips

Year 3000 – Busted


Well, I’m posting a recipe on a Sunday, am I not full of surprises? This post is part of the “Let’s twist” category that I have already used on my French version of the blog but not yet on this English one for the simple reason that it didn’t exist the last time I used it. So, what is this category? Well, I don’t always make new recipes, I (often) do old ones that I like to twist a little by changing only one or two thing(s). I am not going to copy the original recipe I used here but I’m going to give you the link and tell you the change(s) I’ve made.

You can find the original recipe here and here’s the twist:

  • Simply add 200g of chocolate chips, or even 250g… Of course you can use already made chocolate chips but what I do prefer is to do them myself. Take your favourite bar of chocolate and dice the pieces of chocolate. You’ll have chips the size you want with your favourite chocolate so… Yes, easy!

Well, that’s it, we’re done for today’s recipe. I admit that this change is a small one but I promise you that chocolate chips change a lot. They add a touch of yumminess, sweetness, tenderness. Chocolate’s power. Can you fight it? But, is there a reason to fight it?

Des bisous



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