Bagel burger

Mermaid – Skott

Salut, salut

I’ve posted on Wednesday a recipe for bagel buns that I love, today I’m posting a recipe-idea to eat them. As I told you, bagels are usually healthier than burgers and the best known is Philadelphia cheese + salmon + dill and lemon juice + lettuce, you also have the traditional crudités or avocado one. They are really healthy but the one I’m posting today is not.

Yep. You’re crazy or you’re not.

For each bagel. 1 slice of cheese (I used mozzarella), 1 minced beef, 2 slices of streaky bacon, 1 lettuce leaf, your favourite sauce.

Side dish. Diced potatoes brown with butter, salted and peppered.

Put your minced beef and slices of streaky bacon in a pan, cook them. Prepare your favourite sauce or simply buy it. I chose mayonnaise with balsamic vinegar. Cut your bagel bun in half.

Assembly! Bagel bun — sauce — slice of cheese — minced beef — slices of streaky bacon — lettuce leaf — sauce — bagel hat. Et voilà!

I have to admit that it is a really simple recipe today but, honestly everyone is thinking about holidays, me included I’m packing my stuffs and everyone is relaxing so… We do it simply but yummy and it is absolutely perfect :)

I wish you all a nice weekend, des bisous.



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