Simply bagels

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I haven’t post a recipe on Monday because you know, I have a spatiotemporal problem. A kind of fault, which I don’t undersand at all. I’ve been working on spatiotemporal thing for a long time now and I still don’t understand what happens. Anyway, I’m back today with a great recipe!

S u m m e r => we think about picnic, beach/parks/boat or sometimes easy thing to bring to eat at work but we also think about: yummy so we say bagels :) It’s quite easy to make, and fast, you don’t really have a lot to do so… why not?

Serve 6. 400g flour T65, 5g dried yeast, 2tbsp olive oil, 2tbsp fleur de sel, 20cl tepid water, 1 egg yolk, seed or herbs if you want (poppy, sesame, thyme…). You also need a pan of water and salt to poach your bagels.

Prep: 15mn — Rest: 1h — Cook: 1mn + 15mn

In a bowl: mix in the flour with the oil and the salt with a wooden spoon. Once a non sticky dough is forming, use your hands. Knead gently for about 10mn. Your dough should be elastic and non sticky.

Weigh your dough and divide it in 6. Roll your 6 pieces of dough into nice balls, with the joint underneath.

It’s time to form your bagel. Take one of your pieces of dough and in the middle, with two of your fingers, make a hole. Once you have your hole, turn your bagel on itself it will widen the hole. Do exactly the same for all the pieces of dough.

Let them rest 30mn. If they the holes are closed, repeat the widening step. Let them rest 30mn, again.

After an hour, put water in a pan with salt. Preheat the oven to 220°.

Gently take a bagel and dive it into the simmering water. Let 30 secondes, turn it and let 30 secondes again. Take the bagel out off the pan and put it on a baking paper, on a baking tray. Do exactly the same for all the bagels.

In a small bowl, mix in the egg yolk with a tbsp of water and paint you bagels with it. Then you can add seeds or herbs if you want, or even fleur de sel.

Lower your oven to 200° and put your bagels in the oven for about 15mn, watch them because they need. to be golden not burnt. Let them a little on the baking paper to cool, or you risk to burn yourself when you cut them.

Et voilà! You now have beautiful bagels, it wasn’t that hard uh? You can simply cut them and add crudités (raw vegetables) or a good combination is: cheese like Philadelphia + salmon + lettuce + dill, but you can also wait until Friday when I’ll give you a recipe. It won’t be a light one but it will be yummy :)

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