Steak sandwich

King and Cross – Asgeir

Salut, salut

Back in the kitchen this week! After our little trip around Pembrokeshire last week, it is time to entertain ourselves with some food. I found this recipe in Jamie magazine and I really wanted to do it because it has an original touch with the beef and the sauce. I twisted it with a baguette bread homemade (recipe in French here) and lettuce instead of watercress, and voilà! It is super delicious; it takes time to make because of the sauce, but I suppose that you can find the sauce in supermarket. I suggest you try it and tell me. You’ll see, it is super-yummy!

Serve 4. Sandwiches: 4 rib eye steaks, 4 square breads, some lettuce, 1 thinly shaved red onion. Sauce: 250g unsalted butter, 3 egg yolks, 1 tbsp lemons juice plus extra to taste, salt and pepper.

Prep: 15mn  — Cook: 10 + 15mn — Rest: 15mn

First make the sauce. In a pan, melt the butter gently and take off the heat as soon as it is melted. Place the egg yolks in another pan along with the lemon juice and a tbsp of water, then whisk for few minutes until pale and mousse like. Set the pan over a medium-low heat and continue to whisk, be careful and don’t forget to whisk all around the bottom and edges so the eggs won’t overcook. Moderate the heat by frequently moving the pan off the burner for a few seconds then back on. It’s going to become frothy, increase in volume, then thicken and when you can see the bottom of the pan through the streaks of the whisk it’s ready! Take off of the heat. It should be thick and smooth. Very slowly and gradually add the warm butter, whisking constantly to incorporate it. The sauce will thicken. You can now add a little more lemon juice, salt and pepper according to your taste.

Place a pan over a medium-high heat, season the steaks and place them on it. Cook for 6-7mn each side, remove from the heat and leave to rest for 10mn.

During those 10mn, slice your breads in two and put them in the oven, under the grill. Watch them because you don’t want them to burn, just to be barely toasted.

Sandwiches’ time. It goes like this: bread, 1 tbsp sauce, meat, lettuce, red onion, maybe another tbsp of sauce if you want, bread’s hat. And voilà!

Those sandwiches are delicious right away. If you have a little bit of sauce left, you can freeze it. I hope you like this recipe, I wish you a nice day and “bon appétit”.

Des bisous



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