Discovering Pembrokeshire: Newport and Fishguard – visit, where to sleep, to eat

On est bien comme ça (acoustique) – Vianney

Salut, salut

Already my last post about North Pembrokeshire! We were supposed to stay the entire second day but as I told you in my previous past about the boat trip, bad weather invited itself in and even if rain is fine, rain without coat nor umbrella is kind of annoying. We shortened our visit but we visited after our boat trip and didn’t come back as soon as we woke up the next day, we wanted to see stuffs first and I’m going to show them to you today.

First of all, let’s talk about an essential thing: beddy-byes, where to sleep. We checked the hotels but they were expensive and we checked Airbnb and found better places and cheaper so… Airbnb it is! If you’ve never used Airbnb, I have a link for you that would make you and me save money so click here. We chose Joanna’s place in Llanychaer with the sweet name “Lavender cottage“; ideally situated between St Davids and Newport, calm, surrounded by land. We didn’t hear a single noise, no cars, no sirens, no city noises and that was a dream, we could only hear the rain falling and some cows far away. For a night, we didn’t need such a big place but we chose extra comfort, you would be really at ease if you go there alone or as a couple during a couple of nights or even a week. I really want to go back there during winter, to light a fire in the beautiful chimney… There are enough photos on Airbnb of the inside so I just post two that I’ve taken of the outside.

After our boat trip, we were pretty hungry, our host asked us if we had plans and we told him that we were thinking about eating in Fishguard but he advised us a pub in Newport, we thought that a local’s advise was worth taken and we went there. The Golden Lion is a typical pub, super cute and calm! You can eat inside, outside and in the backyard garden. As in most of the pubs, the food is simple but gourmet, prices are okay and people welcoming. I had the chance to hear a man talking in Welsh to a waitress and I love it, I absolutely don’t understand a thing but I love it! I’m learning Welsh, slowly but surely, it is very hard. Anyway, I recommend this pub to you, the food was great!

We finished our day by a walk in Newport’s seaside. It’s a small place but very cute, very “fishermen’s village”, rock houses, rock walls and in front of some houses,  a little garden with benches facing the sea. My post’s cover photo is in Newport actually, you can see that despite the tide, it’s absolutely lovely. Colours were so beautiful, a deep blue mixed with grey and the night’s light gave the atmosphere a sweet touch.

We spend a lovely night in our Lavender cottage and we woke up with the rain’s sound. It wanted to waste our plans but no, we absolutely wanted to see Fishguard so we went there. Fishguard has this “fishermen’s village” touch too and is lovely, under mist and rain but still lovely. The tide + mist + rain gave a melancholic air to it but I like those coloured houses in the middle of this grey. Sitting here and watching the seagulls is very soothing.

Our last stop before going back to Cardiff: Pentre Ifan, we wanted to see an old thing. This place is on a hill thanks to which, in theory, there’s a beautiful view over the countryside and the seaside but because of the weather we could see sheep. Pentre Ifan is a neolithic burial chamber (so 45000 year-old!) and formed by the largest dolmen in Wales and when we saw the thing, only one question came “How? How did they do that?”. The pebble is 5m long and weight more then 16 tonnes, and it is poised on three other pebbles made of the same bluestone that was used for the menhirs at Stonehenge. It is completely crazy, I keep thinking about it and I can’t find the answer, the thing is heavy! They were really strong! I’m sure there’s a explanation so if you have it, I take it.

That’s it, our Pembrokeshire’s discovery is over! We want to go back to visit South Pembrokeshire (and I really want to see other puffins) because villages there seem to be as pretty as what we saw. Pembrokeshire is super cool, we had a great time there and a fab anniversary.

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So tell me, how much do you love Wales? Where’s your favourite place? We still have a lot to see, we’re not gone yet!

I leave you with Léo l’escargot (escargot is snail in French), inhabitant of Pentre Ifan and des bisous.



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