Lamb meatballs, a childhood taste

Zeytin Gözlüm – Tarkan

Salut, salut

I have a confession to make, I love meatballs #meatballspassion. I find it really relaxing to make them, it takes a little time and it tastes sooo great, it changes from steaks and minced meat plus you can add any flavours you like. I’ve already posted a recipe in French, beef and mozzarella meatballs, and I do them quite often because it’s yummy and original but this time I wanted to change the recipe and the same day I saw a recipe in Metro, it’s not a coincidence is it? I knew le Barbu would love them as soon as I saw the ingredients… What about you?

Serve 4 or 6. Meatballs: 1kg lamb minced meat, 75g breadcrumbs, 1 beaten egg, 100g chopped onion, 3 tbsp chopped mint, 3 tbsp parsley, salt and pepper. Sauce: 300g greek yogurt, 200g chopped onion and a little bit of mint.

Prep: 20mn — Cook: 15mn

In a bowl: put the minced meat, breadcrumbs and egg. Mix well and add the onion, mint and parsley. Season with salt and pepper. With a tbsp, take approx 50g of the mix and roll it. Have fun!

Put olive oil in a pan and when it is warm, put the meatballs in. A meatball needs approx 8mn to cook, turn them regularly so the cooking is equal.

Here it is, you have your meatballs! Wasn’t it super easy?! We ate them with tripoline and an easy sauce (simple add all the ingredients together). Le Barbu absolutely loved them because they reminded him of his Turkish nan’s and I loved their minty taste. It is yummy and fresh, original and the sauce is lush. There’s another plus point: it is appetizing. So, who wants some?

Des bisous

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