Hen Wlad fy Nhadau – Welsh Choir of the Black Mountain

Salut, salut

You probably know it (or you don’t), we’re living in Cardiff since October and Wales is a real crush for us, wherever we will be in a month, 10 months, a year, 10 years… It will be “Wales forever”. The other day I found an advert by Visit Wales in which we see Luke Evans (recently in Beauty and the Beast) talking a little but about his country and how should I say that… I fell in love. The views are stunning, the way he speaks like a story teller, the effects; the advert in itself that makes me want to grab my backpack and just go, right now. I am absolutely crazy about those 40sc, I saw them I don’t know how many times but just hearing the Welsh names makes me smile. I know I totally sound crazy but, last time I shared a video of my sand dune that I really miss and I wanted to share a little bit of Wales too. Here is the advert:

So, am I the only one who wants to backpack? Honestly? In 11 days we’re heading West for 2 little days, I can’t wait to see more of Wales!

If you want to see more posts about Wales, here are the ones I’ve written:

Des bisous

(Find this article in French here)


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