Caerphilly Castle

Castle On The Hill – Ed Sheeran

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Ed Sheeran’s song is perfect for this article – a little castle on a little hill, because today I’d like you to come with us in Caerphilly to visit a nice castle. When you live in Cardiff, it is pretty easy to find green lands in a small amount of time and we love that, there’s a lot to see, to visit and to walk. Caerphilly is only 30mn away from Cardiff if you have a car and 45mn with buses. Let’s go to the castle.

I took those pictures on the same day and as you can see, the weather changes quickly here. It’s easy to have a grey sky and suddenly a shiny sun… Wales’ magic!

Castles might be boring for some and all the same but walking there, imagining how life was and looking at the views… That’s why I love them! It is definitely worth it.

Caerphilly castle is second as biggest castle in Great Britain, with the artificial lakes there’s approx 30h of land, nice isn’t it? It was built between 1268 and 1290 by Gilbert de Clare, a man who decided to conquer Glamorgan by fighting with the locals around. Pretty nice man.

I’m not going to tell you the whole story of the castle, which is very interesting by the way, but I let you google it if you’re really interested, some articles are really great.

I don’t know how it’s possible but castles have a certain impact on me, something magic happens when I’m there; the view is mind-blowing, the light is fantastic, the air is fresh, I close my eyes and I enjoy going a few centuries back. Might be the reason why my head hit a door actually. Be careful, watch your feet and your head because you’ll never win against one of those brick door! It hurts sooo bad, I had a bump! And my dignity… Don’t mention that.

As in a lot of castle, a little ghost haunts this one. Gilbert was married to a beautiful woman, Princess Alice d’Angoulême but the lady quickly felt resentment because of her husband’s waring disposition. One day, Gruffudd the Fair, Prince of Brithdir paid a visit to the castle and the two birds fell in love. Gruffudd confessed his love to a monk but he rated him to Gilbert, can you imagine Gilbert’s reaction? Not good, eh? You’re right! He sent his wife back to France and ordered his men to find her lover. Meantime, Gruffudd learned about the monk’s betrayal and decided to go after him, he found him and hanged him to a tree. Right after his revenge, Gilbert arrived and there you go, another body hanged on a tree, Gruffudd’s body! Gilbert was very proud of himself and decided to set a messenger to France to inform the Princess, as soon as she heard the news, she dropped dead. Since them, “The Lady in Green” haunts the castle, colored in green to represent Gilbert’s envy, she just waits in silent solitude to be reunited with her lover.

There’s something else really particular to Caerphilly; the leaning tower. The castle was used during the Civil War and the south-east tower as you can see, was a little bit damaged. A man seems to be preventing it from falling; it is a wooden sculpture of J. Merrill from 2013. The man is the first Marquis of Bute because thanks to his wealth and persistence the castle was restored until it was handed over to the government in 1950.

It’ll cost you £7.95 for adults, £5.20 for children/seniors/students and nothing for disabled/-5 yo kids. To write this article I used the help of a BBC page and a Great Castles one.

I hope you enjoyed the walk :) Would you like to tell me which castle is your favourite? I’d love to have castles’ ideas. You’ll find all my posts about Wales here, and this article in French here.

Des bisous

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