Harlech, castle and sea

Drive – Incubus

Living in Cardiff, the sea is not that far, well it is Bristol Canal, but we miss large beaches with thin sand and waves so after Caernarfon and Snowdonia National Park, we wanted to go somewhere where we could find a castle and the sea. Wales is full of castles, it has the most castles per miles square so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one with the sea; hop we fell onto Harlech and decided to go there.

Once again, mountains are not far and I really like it. You take a little altitude thanks to the castles and ou find yourself with a gorgeous and diverse nature.

Harlech Castle is famous and in a really good shape, when we went there a dragon was there too, it xxx. Well, it was there but I could only see the hand because the head was already taken back (made me so sad).

Crazy thing; you can walk where the guards used to and it’s pretty scary because the walls aren’t high but you are so don’t look down, look away and admire the castle, the view, take a deep breathe and everything will be fine.

We decided to end our Harlech tour to the beach, we though that the beach was going to be like in Barry but, surprise, a sand dune! I miss my dune du Pilat very much so I was really happy to find a tiny there, reminding of my hometown. A sand dune with wild flowers, little waves, mountains not far and freezing water. What else?

Before we left I put sand in a little jar. Jar in the car, we drove to Bala, our last stop before sleeping in Birmingham and driving to France. I’ve told you earlier that legends and stories were one of the reason we came here so here’s a little one. There’s in Bala a lake, quite usual in the region but what makes that lake special? Well, in this lake there’s Teggie. Teggie is a big crocodile/little dinosaur that has been seen by some inhabitants… Yes, Wales has its Nessie! We looked for Teggie but couldn’t find her so, another time maybe? Don’t tell me Nessie and Teggie don’t exist, it might be possible, right?

And there we are, our 2 days road-trip accros North Wales is over, you’ll find all the articles here. I hope that you’ve enjoyed it, that you’ve travelled with us and I wish you well. Next article will be yummy yummy, until then, des bisous.

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