If I could escape: Caernarfon, North Wales

Crazy in Love – Oh Wonder


Salut, salut

I will never forget Caernarfon. I fell in love with this place. We chose Caernarfon as our first stop after we read an article about poppies in the castle by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper to commemorate 11/11. You might not know it but your commemorations here are not like in France, first of all because we have a bank holiday on this day but also we were struck by the fact that you seem to be more aware of the signification than people in France. You stop 2mn at 11 on the 11/11, you do silent minutes and trumpet before games, put on poppies on your cities, your jackets… You do what you do and it’s different, it’s nice to see different things. Anyway, this year poppies were in Caernarfon castle so we went there.




There are more than poppies to see there; first of all: seagulls (+400 points), then the castle is stunning, we almost lost ourselves! There are so many rooms and things to see, to go down to, to go up to, to weave in in and out to… There’s a 60% that you arrive in another wing but the fun is here!




Go up. Go up and up again and you will never forget the view. It is so beautiful, one side with the sea, another with the port, oh and another one with the mountains… What else? It is absolutely breathtaking. Almost litteraly because when you’re up, everything is fine and suddenly, the wind blows and it is so cold that it’s possible you forget to think and say to yourself “oh shoot, I have to breathe.”





As in many places, wait until the sun goes down a little and there’s the magic, the view is more and more beautiful. The castle is great but the view, really I swear, it’s when you fall in love. Just writing those sentences to you and I want to go back and knowing that I only have a couple of hours… But I have no car and no licence. But I’m definitely going back in Caernafon!

I filmed the view from the tops so, here is a little video about the stunning view. You can see more stunning views of other places (Bordeaux, London…) right here.

We’ve loved the castle and only left it at closing time, we walked in the streets and then we went to the beach to admire the view, you can see it on the first picture. We admired the view for a while and said “oh, ow lucky we are to be here…”.


It’s a really fabulous place and I hope that I’ve succeeded in showing it to you. I think you get it, I’m crazy about this place, both of us are actually. I leave you here, I wish you a lovely day and new articles will come soon. Des bisous

(You can fin this article in French here and the first article about North Wales here)






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