If I could escape: North Wales

The Hollow in Restrospect – Corey Kilgannon, Liza Anne


Salut, salut

I’ve already told you (and showed you), Wales is a place full of colours, castles, sheeps,… Lots of places are gorgeous. During autumn break we went to North Wales for a 3 days road-trip. Let me tell you something that I keep repeating: I’ve seen there one of the most beautiful thing on earth, nature. But not only green nature, no, colourful nature, wild, cold and icy but comfy. I fell in love. Yes, I did.

North wil have a couple of articles, this one is going to be practical: why, how to go there, books or websites to advise, where to stop… There are several places to see but in 3 days we hadn’t time to see everything so if you have addresses, infos about things we’ve missed, please share because I really want to go back.


Look. At. That. Photos talk better than I do.


How to?

First thing first: Wales is a quite small country, it’ll take you less than 5 hours to go from South to North. We left Cardiff (south) and our first stop was Caernafon (relatively north), it took us … hours. We rented a car with Europcar, it was the cheapest and the best thing to do because when you rent a car you do whatever you want, you stop whenever you want, it is not that expensive and you only have the gas to pay. Pick a good car, we had a Meriva and it didn’t really liked the 20% slope, we though we were going to go backwards (nice)! Also, choose a comfy car because your bottoms might like it better if you do a road-trip. Shortcut: renting a car is nice, renting a car and paying a little bit more but being comfy is great.

Books or webistes?

WHY? Why aren’t they plenty of books about Wales? For a start, try to find a complete guide book in French about Wales… Ah! That made me so angry, so what, isn’t Wales great enough to have a guide book for itself? Saperlipopette! Anyway, I found one, Lonely Planet and it is quite good (he better be!) and one of the thing I appreciate the most in this book is the little tours in it. Also, I dig on the Internet, found things on Pinterest:

Where to stop?

Everywhere, absolutely everywhere. Not possible? Okay. First thing when you think about North Wales: Snowdonia, of course, mountains! In the Lonely Planet there’s a nice tour of Snowdon with really interesting stuffs. There are also a lot of castles, pick yours ^^.

Our choices: Caernarfon, Snowdon, the Red Moutain, Beddgelert, Pen-Y-Pass, Harlech…

One day maybe: Anglesey, Bangor, Conwy…

Where to sleep?

At the beginning we’ve looked for Airbnbs but we arrived too late, nevertheless there are great ones in the area, you just need to look at the map. We chose this hotel:


Ty Dre Town House, Caernafon. This hotel has a perfect location, in the centre, and the pub for your breakfast/lunch/dinner/drinks is only one street away. The room we had was huge, a big bathroom, tv, kitchen, a king size bed and we slept so well! If we ever go back to Caernafon and I really want to), we will probably go back to this hotel. Rooms start around £70 if I remember, wifi and breakfast included. What else?

I think that’s pretty much everything… The first article will bring us to Caernarfon and I hope I will be able to faithfully transpose the beauty! I wish you a lovely week, des bisous.

(This article is in French here)



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