If I could escape: Aberdulais Falls

Cheap Thrills – Kina Grannis

Salut, salut

Last Monday, my “If I could escape” brought us to Neath, with a beautiful blue sky and it was quite nice isn’t it? When we visited the abbey, we finished it early so we looked for another place to see and we saw that with a 10mn drive we could go to “Aberdulais Falls”; that seemed to be nice and the timing was perfect. This place is quite funny because at first sight, you wouldn’t imagine such a thing, it was a nice suprise :)




You see this little place? Would you imagine falls there? Actually, the site is part of the National Trust and there’s more: a powered wheel, a sort of museum because it’s an historical site and above all, nature!

So, what is this thing you can see? You can see one of the old building of a tin mine/works and this is the reason why this site is historical. The metal was melted, twisted and transformed into tins :)


Nature side, water is transparent and you might want to swim in it if you didn’t know it was freezing ahah.




Here’s the wheel I told you about; it was so heavy, it has to be pulled by horses, humans weren’t enough. The site is pretty well done, you can go up of the building near the wheel and you have a nice view of the site. There are also couple of stuffs on the floor explaining what they used to be useful for and it is playful. You can move around as you want, the site isn’t that big so it won’t take you 3 hours but it is nice. So, there you are, at the foot of secure stairs and you go up, then you’ll find the falls.




You sit here, you enjoy the sound and the view of the falls; can’t complain uh? I wish you a lovely week and I leave you with an “ambiance”. Des bisous

For more info, see National Trust website. See this article in French here


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