If I could escape: Neath Abbey

Yellow – Coldplay


Salut, salut

I don’t need to tell you that to work in the United Kingdom, you need to have a National Insurance Number, you all know that. We wanted to be legal workers, pay taxes and so on so to have that number we had the choice between Bristol and Neath and we didn’t want to go to Bristol so, Neath here we come! It was really sunny, not hot of course but it was really nice to have that sunbeam in our back, warming us.



I’m gonna let you see the grandeur, the beauty.



This little thing used to be a Cistercian abbey, not so little since it once was the largest of all Wales, and it was built in 1129. A nice fellow gave 3200 hectares to Savigniac monks and they came in 1130.



During the 13th century, it was ravaged by the Welsh uprisings, then there’s the Dissolution of Monasteries by King Henry VIII, the abbey was dissolved in 1539. Because of that, they transformed it into a nice estate; Sir Philip Hobby was the last occupant. In 1730, a part of the estate is used for copper smelting. This is History!



The site is sometimes used as films or tv shows locations (Doctor Who, Merlin…). We saw people running there, training, walking their dogs and we just enjoyed the place to inhale the fresh air. Wales is full of place like this, super-green and peaceful, just wait and you’ll see ;)

Tell me, which place is your peaceful heaven?

Des bisous


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