D-6 before crepes’ day

Hot Blood – Kaleo

Salut, salut

I’m over the top. This week, I get the perfect excuse to make crêpes ! Actually, I don’t, but as a French assistant, I have to make crêpes for the kids. They have to taste that! Of course, I’m going to double the recipe, I’m going to make crêpes for us (even I already did last week) and for them. But which recipe should we use?

This one, the classic, fastest and delicious one. I just posted the recipe in English for you.


Crêpes with almond milk instead of cow milk, perfect for lactose intolerant or for a change. They taste great! (recipe in French)


Savoury crêpes, why not! They are very original, and I might try another recipe this year, I will give you a heads up. (recipe in French)


But… What can I add to make them yummier?

You can be a moderate person and only add sugar. Of course! I sprinkle with sugar and black chocolate curl. Moderately moderate, that’s me! Oh, someone once showed me something great: lemon juice on crêpes, awesome, I’ll always be grateful for that!

You can be less moderate, greedier and add homemade chocolate spread (recipe in French)


Or salted caramel, pure heaven (recipe in French)


But you can also add a “normal” caramel (recipe in French)


If you’re a little bit crazy, you can add peanut butter! Super easy to make! (recipe in French)


Or Fluffy, marshmallows spread (recipe in French)


What about you? How do you like your crêpes? A special tip to share?

Des bisous

(You can find this article in French here)

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