Crepes, let’s get yummy!

Rising Water – James Vincent McMorrow


Salut, salut

How are you? Do you know what is happening on Feb 2nd? It is “la chandeleur”; it is supposed to be a Christian celebration of light and to celebrate it you switch “chandelles” on (chandelles means candles in French). I said “it is supposed to be” because nowadays, most of us just do crepes on this day. We take a frying a pan, put the crepes’ mix in and we flip the crepes! Funny thing to do, I used to fight with my brother every time just for the crepes,  part of the tradition! If you do crepes in your kitchen, flip them, you have to try and tell me all about it!


For 17 crepes in a 28cm’ frying pan: 250g flour, 1 pinch of salt, 20g vanilla sugar, 4 eggs, 75cl milk, 25cl water. You also need butter for the frying pan and whatever you want to spread on the crepes.

In your mixing bowl: put the flour and the pinch of salt. Dig a well and put the eggs in, mix in with a whisk and little by little add the milk and then the water, mix in with a whisk every time, you have to get an homogeneous mix. Flipping time! How to flip a crepe correctly? Butter a frying pan, pour a ladle of the crepes’ mix in your frying pan, let it 1mn or so, detach the edges and shake the frying pan; this way you’ll now if your crepe is reading to flip in the air. Be strong, firm and then flip! Funny isn’t it? Let it cook on the other side for 30sc to 1mn. You have a crepe! You just need to do repeat it until the end of your mixing bowl.

So, are you ready to flip?

Des bisous

(You can find this article in French here)


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