If I could escape: St Fagans

Earth Song – Mary Hopkin


Salut, salut

Honestly, what are the 3 words that comes to your mind when someone tells you “Wales”? Nature – sheeps – Duffy were probably mine. Of course, this country is so much more but usually when you don’t know someone or something, you use clichés and your imagination to describe it. When we knew we were coming here, I checked 2 or 3 things about the country and this is when I learned about St Fagans. What is that? St Fagans is a open air museum near Cardiff. Museum, open air = you got me already! But what else? This museum tells you all about how Welsh used to live, what jobs they had, what occupations they had…

But how?_dsc2823



This museum has more than 40 buildings, they’ve just been “moved”! They found them somewhere in Wales, they put 2 little things above them to lift them up (image) and hop, they put them in St Fagans to gather that awesome culture together! Genius? Completely! This is brilliant, you can visit houses of the rich, the poor, old like really old or less… You can even go in those houses and everything is perfect, placed like in the old days (there’s even a bask cross in that gorgeous red house, yep!).




Houses, shops, old “useful” buildings (post office, social house, mill, tannery, church…), farms, schools… You travel from years to years! There is a really nice little street, typical of the mining suburbs. There are several houses and each one is arranged according to a specific period and you can follow the evolution of time with them.




I think you got it, I’m fond of this place! It is open almost daily from 10am to 5pm and it’s free entry (more info on the website) and for me this is definitely something to do if you are visiting Cardiff and staying a little! This is a place where you can learn things, hear people speak Welsh, speak Welsh with people, and the museum progresses every time, makes changes with new buildings, new things to see. I advise you to take more than 2 hours to visit St Fagans, it is really big and I can’t wait to go back to see things that I couldn’t see during my first visit. It is a nice promenade, breathe the fresh air, see the green, all that colours, it is cold but there are fireplaces in the buildings so there is a delicious smell and a wonderful sound of crackled log. Can you imagine yourself there?

Oh, and there are animals! I’ve started my article with my friend Edmond the sheep, I end it with Pablo the pig. Des bisous.

(You can find this article in French here)


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