If I could escape: Cardiff Bay

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Here I am, eating Nutella with a spoon, watching Gilmore Girls (no spoilers, just season 3), praying for the snow to fall. Because the snow is falling everywhere except where I am, of course. And what could be better, with such cold temperature and white sky than blue pictures? Snow or blue, I don’t want just a white sky saying “oh you think it is going to snow but heyhey nooo” so, today I am bringing you with me to Cardiff Bay, a blue Cardiff Bay!


It is a really nice place in Cardiff. There are no shopping centre, huge things to visit but it is a beautiful place to see. To be honest, when we moved in Cardiff we didn’t know that Cardiff Bay existed and to see the sea, or at least water, is something great because we miss our ocean.

So, what can you do in Cardiff Bay? If you’re a Doctor Who dan, there is the experience. I don’t watch Doctor Who so I can’t tell you how is it but from what I’ve heard, the experience is good! And you should hurry because from what I’ve heard, the experience is not going to last forever…


There is also the Norwegian church, it is pretty cool, there is a gallery, sometimes craft markets and photos, a coffee shop… It is a nice place. It used to be a Lutheran church, build in 1868 and it became a cultural centre. Cardiff used to be a huge port, some of the sailors were Norwegian and they needed a place to pray so, there you go; Norwegian Church!


And you have the views. I mean, have you seen those views? All that blue? Well, as I am writing it is rather write (without snow) and grey but this day, look at that blue! The beautiful red building is called Pierhead and was build in 1897, it is made of terra-cotta and you know what? The clock’s name is “Little Big Ben”, cool isn’t it? Pierhead is a sort of museum, you can see stuffs explaining why it is here, a video about the Welsh heroes… Interesting.

To the right you can see the Assembly of Wales, did you know that they only have an assembly since the Government of Wales Act in 1998? And it can legislate without asking to the UK only since 2011. Isn’t that crazy? Tell you what, countries deciding for others, people governing without really being elected… Sometimes, the world does not go round!

To the left, you can glimpse Roald Dahl Plass and, in the background, the Millenium Centre but we will see that later…





Roald Dahl Plass! Did you know that the author was born in Cardiff? So, because the man in quite famous and has done something with his life, they named a place after him. It is sometimes used as an amphitheatre. So, Roald Dahl was born in Cardiff and he had Norwegian ancestors… Ah! Everything is linked! Hey, what about that church again? Oh, you can see it from the Real Dahl Plass.




The Pierhead is really beautiful from the outside so I’d say you have to see it if you come to Cardiff. Although, if it is closed and you can’t go in (opening times: from Monday to Saturday 10:30 – 4;30), don’t worry because it is beautiful and there are intersting stuffs in but they could have done much better :)

So, I was looking at the Pierhead and then I turned my head. What do I see? Something very familiar…


A restaurant on stilts. Just like the one I have in my beautiful region in France. Well, not exactly the same but quite the same! Don’t you just want to sit on a bench, look at the horizon and enjoy the moment? Or sit at this restaurant on stilts with a glass of wine/beer/water  and a book? Isn’t it nice?


And here it comes, the beautiful Millenium Centre! It is huge! There is a sort of tourist information, a coffee shop, a shop and of course you can listen to music. At the Wales Millenium Centre you can see opera, ballets, theatre, and musicals! For Christmas, my Love bought 2 tickets to see Mary Poppins… it was awesome, I was 5 at every scene, I wanted to cry and at the end, Mary Poppins leaves with her umbrella and she flies… She flies! That was just like a dream! If you’re near Cardiff, you should try to go and see something there because it is really beautiful.

A nice promenade, a flood barrier, water, seagulls, restaurants, things to visit/to see, a huge place to have a good time watching a show… This is Cardiff Bay. From Cardiff Centre there is a bus but there is also a boat, yes, a boat! You take it in Bute Parc (near to the castle) and it will drive you to Cardiff Bay but you can also take it in Cardiff Bay and it will take you to Bute Parc. This is something to try because it is not that expensive (can’t remember the price) and you have the chance to see things from a different perspective. You can see the Millenium Centre from the Taff for example :)

I hope you liked the promenade, don’t hesitate and share your thoughts, your blue/grey/white skies but know that if you have snowy skies with real snow coming down, I will be extremely jealous. Des bisous

(You can find this article in French here)


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