The New Year

Friday I’m in love – The Cure

Salut, salut

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ! Let’s start properly! I’ve already wished you a happy new year on Facebook but I didn’t do it here so, here we go.

I wish you a lovely year, full of tenderness and happiness, a good health for you and your loving ones, sweet treats to fill your little belly and love, friendship to fill your little heart. I hope your new year started well and if it’s not the case, there’s only one thing to say “bad day today, better day tomorrow”: think po-si-tive. I know it’s easier said than done but believe me, this New Year’s partner is new ideas and the better one is to think positive. I wish you the best of world, the life you dream of, butterflies in your stomach, wings on your back and of course, attentions, just enough so you know that you matter because everybody matters.

Other new ideas? This blog is with me for quite a while now and this month I was not really into it. A little break came, without warning me, and it felt good. There are things going on outside the Internet world that go beyond me wanted to tap on my keyboard, posting recipes or nice places. So I took my time, I enjoyed the time with my family while she was here; I enjoyed the moments before they flew away and that’s what I want to keep doing. I used to say “oh, what if I blogged about that?” but I was more “Oh, I have to blog that” and that was the no-say sentence for me. I wondered if I continued the blog or not and then I understood that it was kind of my diary too, I put my recipes on it, my crushes, and my favourite walks. I absolutely don’t know you, I don’t know the eyes that are on the other side, reading me, but I’m telling myself that maybe if someone wants to read me now, maybe I’d want to read me in the future. And I don’t loose my blog, but I do loose notebooks with recipes. This year, it will be promenades; I am going to enjoy my time in Wales and I will try to bring you with me, there will be recipes; I will keep cooking and baking and I will try to make you want to and then, there will be crushes of all kind; I’ve often told myself “don’t do this, it’s not your type” and I don’t know why I’m putting myself in a compartment. This year, let’s go out of the compartment. We think positive and we go out of the compartment. We won’t call that resolutions because it’s hard to keep resolutions, I don’t know why but they don’t want to be kept.

New Year, new ideas. That’s it. What about you? Will I “see” you on Monday?

Des bisous

(You can find this article in French here)

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