Christmassy cupcakes

Right to Be Wrong – Joss Stone

Bonjour, bonjour

I was supposed to write an article about gorgeous cupcakes decoration but I am so bad with food colouring that I shouldn’t be allowed to have them in my hand. I wanted to make Santa but I never managed to get a beautiful red, it was pink and ridiculous! Then, I wanted to make a wreath and I made an accurate green but the icing bag didn’t want to cooperate. Told you; I am bad. It was probably not my day because after that I burned my pizza. Anyway, I saved one decorated cupcake that you can see at the end of this article and the picture that you can see above has 2 years.

Let’s talk about cupcakes. For me, the better option is to make light cupcakes because they are going to be heavily dressed so the base should be easy to eat. As a base, I like to use my Danette cupcakes (recipe here, in French), or my Spongy lemon (recipe here, in French) and you just need to put the dough in cupcake tins. You can also find in my blog the Snowman, a recipe of wintery cupcakes, they are delicious (recipe here, in French).

Let’s talk about decoration. I think that butter cream is nice but heavy so I prefer to use 250g mascarpone with 4 or 5 icing tbsp icing sugar. This is my base. If you are so-so with food colouring too, I advise you to put a thin base of base, write letters with melted chocolate on top and you got your cupcakes. Easy and simple. Or, you can use sweets to build a snowman, santa, Rudolph…

If you don’t have enough imagination but you’re really willing to so something cute, I advise you to take a look at Pinterest, there are awesome stuffs there. I’ve pinned a couple of them in my Christmas board…

It is now time for me to go, I have to cook. I wish you all to have a nice time, laughs, surprises, hapiness tears and everything else.

Des bisous


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