Yummy Christmas, savoury

Sleigh Ride – Tamar Braxton

Salut, salut

Ealier I posted here the article about a Yummy Christmas on the sugary side. Here are the savory side of the story. Only one of them is typically Christmassy and the other are more like ideas to treat yourself with deliciousness.

foie-grasFoie gras with Christmassy spices and fruits (recipe here, in French).

pains-polairesPolar breads (recipe here, in French)

baguetteBaguette (recipe here, in French)

baguette-lardonBaguette with lardons and onions (recipe here, in French)

beurre-sardineSardine’s butter (recipe here, in French)

rillettes-thonTuna and pepper rillettes (recipe here, in French)

tartinade-chorizoChorizo’s spread (recipe here, in French)

verrinesCrab and tomatoes’ verrine (recipe here, in French)

You can find this article all in French, right here. I hope this article will have given you more ideas for your upcoming diners and I wish you all a lovely day.

Des bisous

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