Vegetarian popovers

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Salut, salut

When we are young, people keep repeating “you should eat a breakfast, that is the most important meal in your day” and now that I’m an almost grown up, I agree. I hardly can start a day without a breakfast except when I run because I can’t run with a full stomach. I always start my day with 2 glasses of water to wake up my brain and my body, then, I eat. Love hardly eats in the morning, he likes savoury things and I like sugary things. Huge confrontation! On which side are you?

The other day, I was watching Jamie Oliver and he was doing something that seemed to be lush! I immediately though about Love and how he would love to eat that in the morning and… here they are, on the blog. Tasted and approved by Love.

_dsc3611Serve 4, do 12 popovers: 2 huge tbsp flour, 1 tbsp baking powder, 2 huge tbsp cottage cheese, 2 eggs, 3 tomatoes, 4 little mushrooms, salt and pepper.

Prep: 5-10mn — Cook: 5-10mn

In a mixing bowl, put the flour with the baking powder and stir together. Add the eggs and cottage cheese, mix well. Cut the tomatoes and mushrooms in little cubes, add to the mixing bowl and season. Put a large non-stick frying pan on a medium-low heat. Once hot, put spoons of the mixture into the pan, you should have 12 of them. Let them in the pan until they’re gold then flip over and let gold for 1mn.

Remove the popovers, put them in the plate and add whatever you want with them. They’re lush!

I hope you’ll love this recipe as mush as we did! Cottage cheese is a huge discovery for us, we didn’t have that in France and we are completely in love with it!

Des bisous

(you can find this article in French here)



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