The Christmas log

Happy Holiday – She & Him

Salut, salut!

Are you okay? I’m counting the days until Christmas (I am 5 when it comes to Christmas and birthdays…), aren’t you? In my family we usually have big meals for Christmas, one on the 24 and one on the 25! That’s a lot of food! What can I say? French? Totally! This year, I’m staying in Cardiff with Love so we will have a nice diner for the 24 (a salmon blanquette, recipe here) and I don’t know what else. One thing is absolutely sure: I am going to make a log (in French: une bûche). First time in my life, it is usually my sister’s job but she won’t be here so I have to do it. I’ll be strong. I looked on Pinterest to find inspiration so I’m sharing my finds with you.

buche-chocolat-mascarponeChocolate and mascarpone log (recipe here, in French)

bc3bbche-roulc3a9e-citron-mascarpone-2Lemon and mascarpone log (recipe here, in French)

buche3choco3 chocolates mousses log (recipe here, in French)

buche-cafeCoffee log (recipe here, in French)

buche-foret-noireBlack Forest log (recipe here, in French)

buche-chocolat-et-caramel-saleSalty caramel log (recipe here, in French)

So, what do you think about all those delicious logs? Mines are definitely in one of them, can’t tell you which one I’m going to make (in case some people spy here…) but I’m sure they will be great. If you don’t want to make a big deal of the dessert, I recommend a simple rolled up cake (like this recipe) with beautiful icing and there you go!

Des bisous

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