Oh! Doughnuts…

Never forget you – Noisettes


Salut, salut

Do you know that feeling when you just want to eat something that you’ve never baked? I wanted something not biscuits-textured but rather spongy, really yummy but not all chocolate. I wanted something sugary you see… BINGO, doughnuts! I could have done the doughnut recipe I had already done and without the hole but I would have transgressed my first will. Then, I saw the recipe by Moi, Gourmande? Oui… Et alors?! And I fell in love. Like, really.

It is absolutely lush. It needs one night in the fridge, think about that.


14 little doughnuts: 350G plain flour, 4.5 dried yeast, 2 eggs, 30g softened butter, 60mL milk, 60mL water, 5g salt, 35g caster sugar and a little more to coat.

Prep: 10mn — Rest: 1 night — Cook: 2mn each

In a mixing bowl, put the flour, the salt and the sugar. Warm the milk and dilute the dried yeast in it. Dig a well and pour the milk + yeast in it. Add the water and the eggs. Stir together with a wooden spoon so the flour will be correctly incorporated. Add the softened butter little by little and knead the ball. If it is too sticky, add flour but try not to. You’ll know the ball is ready when it will be homogeneous, flexible; when you put your finger in it, the ball should automatically go back to its shape. Cover with a cling film and let it rest 30mn.

After 30mn, punch the ball (nicely) so the gaz will go out. Re shape it into a nice ball, cover with a clean tea towel and let it cool in the fridge for the night.

The day after, punch the ball (again, nicely) so the gaz will go out. Put it on a baking paper and with a rolling pin try to have a 1cm thickness. With a glass or a punch (diameter 6/7cm), cut the pastry and do so until the end. Put all your doughnuts on a baking paper, cover with a clean tea towel and let it cool 30mn in a quite warm air.

For your doughnuts to cook, you can use a fryer but if you don’t have, do as I did: I just used a pan with hot sunflower oil. Dive the doughnut in the hot oil, 1mn by face. When they are cooked, put them on a kitchen towel.

Your doughnuts are ready. Now, you just need to put the sugar in a freezer bag, dive the doughnuts 3 by 3, close the bag and shake that thing; the sugar will coat the doughnuts. You can add flavour in them; compote, jam, chocolate spread… pierce the doughnuts and with a pastry bag, simply add the flavour.

So, what do you think? Just by writing the article, I want to eat them. Is it reasonable? After all, if we don’t “overeat”, we need sugar, don’t we? Oh, and it’s cold outside, we need warmers, don’t we? Well, a little doughnut is not a bid deal, right?

Note: I did the pastry on a Sunday night and cooked the doughnut on a Monday afternoon, you are not forced to be in your kitchen at 7am the day after…

Des bisous


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