Positive note, monday

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Johnny Mathis

Salut, salut

Couple of months ago, there was on my French blog a category of articles called “Monday #” where I used to post positive notes and inspiring pictures that I found on Pinterest. It stopped on the blog but not on Pinterest where I still “repin” inspiration and beautiful thoughts. Then Thanksgiving came, we had troubles with our apartment here, we felt the “expat blues” so we felt the need to be grateful, to underline even more the positive side of our little life.

Last Monday, I started my “positive note, monday” by noticing on Twitter that my bus arrived right on time. It might seems to be the smallest thing in the world but here, it is almost exceptional.

This Monday, I would like to start by thinking that our floor will be ready soon (big hope!). I am going to say that I am exactly where I wanted to be, in Cardiff. And that my friend, is a pretty good thing.

Also, with the beginning of December, christmassy air and super-christmassy things came. I wanted to know what are your things, whoever you are/wherever you are, that plunge you into this atmosphere. The things that make you feel good, your traditions, the smells of your Christmas… Everything.

For me, the advent calendar is vital, with the chocolate inside, of course. Home alone too, and the songs, we are going to buy a tree soon. A real tree, the one that makes your apartment smells Christmas when you open your door.

What about you, the unseen reader? Are you going to start your Monday on a positive note? Listen to that song, by Lorie a French singer, it’s on my “shame list”. And tell me, how do you plunge into December? I love to listen to that song by Roch Voisine, a Canadian singer.

I can’t wait to read you, des bisous.

You can read this article in French here.

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