If I could escape: Cardiff Castle

Mercy – Duffy


Salut, salut

So, what are your plans for today: Christmas prep, sunday cold walk? Chilling maybe?

When we arrived in Cardiff, all we knew about it were the rugby stadium and the castle. Of course, there’s more too see but for me, the castle is really important. It is the first thing we visited, the road I take every morning, all the important persons that came there, all the History there…! I find that fascinating and the thing that is really cool when you visit the castle is the audioguide, it tells you a lot of stories and captivating stuffs!





It’s a really peaceful place! The colours are splendid, constructing, it is absolutely gorgeous. There’s an admission fee (£12 for adults, £9 for kids, £10.50 for seniors and students), but you can stay there as long as you want. If it wasn’t -2° outside, I would love to sit on a bench and read. You can go in the castle, in the house and enjoy the green land all around and you have the possibility to add £3 (for adults, £2 for kids, £2.50 for seniors and student) to have a house tour with a guide, it is really interesting. The guide we had was a nice man, funny and told us good stories about the castle and the house. I think it’s more than okay to pay £3 for that.

Big crushes for the highest room, from which you’ll have a magnificent view, a pretty fountain with a beautiful statue (only for the house tour) et the library with the names of Great Men and old books (house tour with a guide or without).





We really enjoyed walking between those walls, full of History with the canteen, Churchill’s voice, old beds, photos and old adverts. I may be strange but I love going to places like this, closing my eyes, breathing and imaging how it was so many years ago.

Climbing the Castle’s steps, you’ll see step by step that you’re going up and the view is changing, the colours are changing. The view from the top is amazing; on one side you have the greenness that surrounds the castle, the city center with the rugby stadium and on the other side, more green with mountains, Castell Coch to your left and the city hall to your right.



You think you’re done? If I can give you an advice, walk under the trees. You’ll have a wonderful view and if you look closely, you’ll find new friends. Also, you should be there for the sunset… take into account the time to visit the castle and the house (around 2-3 hours), the last admission is at 4pm and the castle closes at 5pm. Since the sun sets around 4pm those days, it’s a perfect timing and it’s worth it!




Last really good info: the castle belongs to the people of Cardiff and not the city. It is really nice because if you live or work in Cardiff, you can have a castle key and with it you have free access to the castle for 3 years. What do you think about that?

I think I am going to do some Christmas stuffs, walk in my cold city and hope for some wind. I love a little bit of wind here because I love to see the proud dragon flying in the air. Just like the other time at the castle, look at it, isn’t it beautiful? I think I’m never going to get rid of that.

Des bisous.

More info on Cardiff Castle website, if you want to read this post in French click here.


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