The cannelés, a french speciality

Recto Verso – Paradis


Salut, salut

I was ashamed.

Why? Let me tell you why. I used to live in Bordeaux (France) but I had never cooked Bordeaux’s speciality: the cannelés. It is something well known there and I used to buy a box of them for my grand father but I thought that they were difficult so I never took the risk to do them. Back in Bordeaux and with my French blog (Le Blog de Mélina), I had a partnership with a great food box called La Bonne Box and one day, I received cannelés’ mould and a cannelés mix so I made them and it was a real success. Weeks later, I decided to take the plunge and I googled for a real recipe. Too many recipes, I couldn’t choose. I went to a tourists’ shop (in my own town, yes!) and bought a postcard with the cannelés’ recipe on it. Yes, it is a cliché souvenirs but why not? I had already used one of those card to make a bask beret (recipe, in French) and it worked, so I decided to give a chance to the postal card.


About 15 cannelés or 36 minis cannelés: 1 evaporated milk tin (410g), 2 egg yolks, 1/2 vanilla bean, 175g caster sugar, 120g plain flour, 40g butter, 2  tbsp rhum, brown sugar.

Prep: 15mn — Oven: 40mn (normal size) or 20mn (minis)

Preheat the oven to 210°.

In a saucepan, heat the evaporated milk, the butter and the vanilla. Once hot, add the caster sugar and the flour. Mix in until you got a smooth combination. Add the egg yolks, the rhum and mix it in.

Butter your cannelés’ mould, sprinkle with brown sugar and pour the cannelés mix until half of them. Put your sweet prep in the oven; 40mn for the normal size cannelés or 20mn for the minis. Remove from the mould and let them cool a little.


  • if you use concentrated milk instead of evaporated, it is not going to work,
  • you can do the recipe without buttering and sprinkling the mould but it is better if you do so,
  • without rhum? Yes it is possible! It is not going to taste like the real cannelés, but it will taste nice,
  • 1/2 vanilla bean is enough, you don’t need 1.

I use mould and Lekue mould, both are great :)

I hope you will like the recipe, it is a typical one from my beautiful Bordeaux and I really enjoy it. I wish you a lovely Wednesday, des bisous

And you know what? I’m not ashamed anymore!


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