Cardiff: where to sleep?

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If you know my French blog, you might have noticed that with the Barbu and the little Ginger, we came to Cardiff to work. If it is a thing you are considering, you have to know that finding a nice apartment here can be as easy as complicated so I just have one advice: come before the students, late August or early September. We’ve been in a lot of places since we arrived in Cardiff, that was stressful but at least, now I am able to give some advice about where to sleep in the city. All the places listed here are for an average budget, there are 3 airbnbs and 2 hotels.

During our year here, I’ll have other places to show you; where to walk, where to eat… So stay here :)


We stayed at Helen’s one week and the room is really nice; there’s enough space so you won’t feel squeezed, the shower is in the room and there’s also a sofa. The balcony is a plus, it’s really nice to know that you can go outside but it was so cold that we didn’t enjoyed it. When you book at Helen’s, know that it is only a room, not an apartment. It will be enough if you eat outside every time but keep in mind that you might have to do so. For us, it was difficult because on a low budget, we couldn’t afford to eat outside every time and I needed to have something to eat for lunch at work so we asked Helen if we could use her kitchen. She said yes, but we had to wait for them to be out of the kitchen, so we could use it around 9pm, 10.30pm. The kitchen wasn’t included in the price so we won’t complain, it was already nice enough to allow us to use it. Just a little damper: the heat was off, so it was a little bit cold.

The area: we fell in love with the neighbourhood, it is really lovely, with a parc within 5mn walk. If we could, we would have taken an apartment there!

In short: nice room, good size, clean, 30mn walk from Cardiff center, lovely dog and nice hosts.


First, I have to tell you that we didn’t get the apartment we can see in the photos. We think that Mike has probably a couple of apartments and only one is photographed. It’s a pity because those photos are not so good and the apartment we had was better than this one. It was big enough, with an open kitchen, and a nice sofa. I was so happy to be able to cook again! The oven is good, the fridge too and there’s a washing machine. If I can give you an advice I would say that you have to be careful when using the washing machine; remove anything that is on top of it or you’ll have a high chance to break something. One morning, while we were still in bed, a man came in the apartment and by the time the Barbu went to see who was there, the man left and he just saw his hair. We texted Mike immediately and he fixed the problem: it was just his handy man who didn’t know that someone was in the apartment. It dishearten us, I have to admit that but it is the only problem we had. About the cleanliness: so-so. It wasn’t dirty but not irreproachable.

The area: the apartment is on Cowbridge Road, it is a well-known road so it means good transports and it is only a 30mn walk from the city center.

In short: nice apartment, good size, seagulls as neighbours and noisy humans, 30mn from the city center.


One word: crush. This apartment is a dream, well decorated and so comfy! It is small but extremely cosy, not oppressive. I’ve chosen to show you a photo of the kitchen because, look at that kitchen! It’s a ground floor flat but we felt safe there. It is well heated, comfy, there is a washing machine-dryer. Emily is very nice, easily reachable and she accepts pets! About that, there is a cat flap on the kitchen door so you might find yourself face to face with a cat but don’t worry, they will vanished as soon as they’ll see you. We really enjoyed everything there, it was a sweet pause during our stressful apartment research. The apartment was typically the kind of apartment we would like to have one day!

The area: the apartment is near Cowbridge Road, so easy access and transports, close to the city center. The lane is tranquil, there’s now problems.

In short: dream apartment, cosy, 30mn walk from the center, pets allowed and there’s a parking place.

  • Royal Hotel (website)


I am not going to be able to tell you a lot about this hotel because we stayed there just one night before going at Helen’s. It is in the city center which is really good to visit. The room had a nice size, the bed was comfortable and the shower just as it should be. People who work there are really nice and if you need help they will happily help you, there is also a room so you can let your luggage if you have to free the room but leave later.

The area: the hotel is in the city center, it is animated so really good.

In short: well situated, comfy, you can find special offers on


We stayed there a week. Initially, we went to an airbnb but once there, we couldn’t stay more than 30mn because of humidity! Our mouths furry, I started to feel asthma again… Impossible to stay there! Of course, the cancelation was strict so no refundable but we had to move out and the easiest thing was to go to this hotel. Honestly, it was really nice! Okay, the room is not big but it’s enough, the bed is nice, the shower too… Just what we needed. There’s a microwave in the hall free to use, so you can buy something in a supermarket and reheat it there, breakfast is nice because you can take whatever you want (but you have to pay more for it).

The area: the hotel is just after the railway but the area seems quite tranquil, just 20mn walk from city center.

In short: nice, comfy and good price-quality ratio.

Well! That was a long article! I love to read the “…: where to sleep?” article on other blogs, because no matter which city the person is talking about, she gives your her own opinion, it feels realer, you know what I mean? I hope you will like my article too, I’ve tried to give you everything I could but if you need anything else, don’t hesitate and comment below.

I know that Cardiff is not the n°1 destination in the UK but I’m positive: you have to try it! As I said previously, I will give you adresses of yummy places, good walks here and so on. We really enjoy living here so, whoever you are/wherever you are, I hope I will make you want to come here.

I wish you a lovely Monday, des bisous.

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