Number one

Salut, salut

So… There’s always a first post and it’s probably the hardest one. I had a previous blog, Mélina Blabla, where I used to talk about recipes, food/cat/beauty boxes and other things I like. I’ve decided to create a new one, Le Blog de Mélina to focus more on food and escapes even though from time to time, I talk about movie, music and shopping. The blog you are reading today is the translation of Le Blog de Mélina. Months ago I moved to Cardiff with my little family and I thought that it could be nice to blog in English.

If I had to describe myself I would say that I’m just a girl in a scarf, most of the time. I love animals, elephants are my favourite. I’m a French language assistant in Wales and I love to bake for my friends and family. I’m fond of Martha Stewart, Lorraine Pascale, Donal Skehan, Gordon Ramsay but also Mimi Thorisson, Julie Andrieu and other amazing people :). I think that’s all I have to say about me…

You’ll find me on facebook and twitter and I’ve an Instagram account; Mélou Bee. I hope I’ll have the chance too see/read you very soon.

Des bisous

  • Photos posted on the blog are mine, you are not free to use them without permission. 
  • Feel free to contact me, I always enjoy a good talk ;) How to contact me? Click here

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